Jane Charles

In 1980 Jane went to the North Staffordshire Polytechnic to study Ceramics. Having, by her own account, an impatient nature, she grew frustrated with the length of time that the ceramics process took. She was instead attracted to the studio glass workshop next door, where she discovered that a piece could be made one day and got out of the kiln the following day. Here began her affair with hot glass.

On finishing her degree she completed a traditional course on glass making which gave her the skills she needed to start making her own work. She spent the next three years working in as many studios around the country that she could. In 1987 Jane went it alone, and established 'Jane Charles Studio Glass' - originally set up in Edinburgh. She eventually relocated to a purpose built studio in Newcastle from which she now operates. She mainly draws her inspiration from the sea and ocean creatures, and uses the fluidity and transparency of glass to perfectly express her vision.
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Small Seaform
10” x 13” x 6”£320

Blue/Green Vase
Height 50cms£470

Pink/Green Vase
Height 52cms£470

Large Seaform with Cut Back
38cms x 35cms x 23cms
(£470) Sold

Ridge Vase
Height 45cms£329

Blue/Green Waveform
Height 31cms
(£470) Sold