Deryl Petrucci

As a teenager Deryl remembers her first encounter with clay. She knew immediately that she wanted to continue to explore this innate medium to express her ideas and form. This led Deryl to Leicester where she attended college and gained a B.A. Hons Degree in Fine Art Sculpture In 1998 Deryl realized her ambition and together with her young daughter made the move to Cornwall where she continued to sculpt from her studio in St Ives. Here she met painter Steve Fox and together with fellow artist Ann Cummins opened The Hansel Gallery in St Ives focussing on figurative painting and sculpture. Sadly after a long illness Steve died and the gallery closed. Currently Deryl works from her studio in West Penwith making original sculptures in clay and casting these into limited edition bronze resin. She says ''I really enjoy the plasticity, immediacy and directness of clay as a medium. As the work progresses a dialogue sometimes develops which can allow the finished piece to embody a sense of calm, still, timelessness''
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Girl with Bird
Limited edition bronze resin sculpture.

Limited edition bronze resin sculpture.

Secret Journey
Limited edition bronze resin sculpture.

The Watcher
Bronze resin sculpture.

Jenny Wren
Bronze resin sculpture.

Secret Garden
Bronze resin sculpture.