James Eddy

Although trained as an environmental scientist, Cornishman James has worked as an artist since 1997. Creating art in various materials, forms and styles, he predominantly works as a sculptor and land artist. James’ fish sculptures were inspired by the furious movement & flowing forms created by shoaling fish -especially the bait balls that are formed when shoals of fish such as herring are being herded and hunted by whales or dolphins, tuna and birds. (The Cornish word for a fish shoal is “Hevva”...) The first sculpture was made in whilst living in a beach chalet at Gwithian, Cornwall, listening to the sea. From the outset the sculptures were designed to explore the shadows that they cast, and using a single flickering candle, a beautiful shadow shoal could be seen dancing on the ceiling of the chalet. The shoals are also quite happy outdoors, the aluminium lightly oxidising, with the steel producing a rich rust weathered appearance... James has been artist in residence at a number of Cornish schools and has also worked on prestigious projects at Heligan and Eden.
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Swirling Fish Shoal
Aluminium wall sculpture.

Large Fish Basket
Aluminium hanging sculpture.

Table Basket
Aluminium table sculpture
£45 - £60