Victor Stuart-Graham

Victor was born next to the sea in Newhaven, Sussex. Inspired by the sea's changing colours and moods, he collects pieces of driftwood, which have an inherent boat-shape trapped within their form. 'All I do is release and enhance the boat', he says. Victor trained as a graphic designer, before following with an MA at the Royal College in textiles. Since then, he has worked in many areas of art, from teaching, to municipal projects. His wooden pieces are not meant to be at all naturalistic, but at the same time feature details like accurate messages carried in seafaring flags. Victor uses sun bleached colours in subtle reds, blues and greens, which give his little boats and cottages an authentic feel. Many of the pieces are wall-mounted, but some are freestanding and make delightful little scenic 'theatres'. His lovely Cornish cottages form lines of  buildings huddled together like ranks of soldiers standing firm against the buffeting sea and with his work Victor manages to express both charm and integrity - by no means an easy thing.
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Bon Voyage
Hand carved wooden sculpture

Lagoon and Three Boats
Hand carved wooden sculpture

Small Low Tide and One Boat

(£80) Sold

Hand carved wooden sculpture
£30 each

Rows of Cottages
Hand carved wooden sculptures
£45 - £85