James Bemis

James Bemis was born in Detroit, USA in 1961. Following a career in photographic art, he is now painting professionally. He lives on the Isle of Wight. He enjoys working plein air, depicting, among other things, the coastline around the UK.

His work is especially influenced by painters such as Walter Sickert, James Whistler, and Paul Henry, and it is from these luminaries that he has clearly learned his deft, yet sensitive use of the brush. His painting is concerned with expressing the feeling of a place, and creating a spontaneous representation of its character, based very much in the 19th century tradition of impressionism.

James' nudes are especially tender, using light and the luminous quality of skin tones to wonderful effect. His paintings of St Ives reflect James' affection for not only the place, but for the people and eccentricities of the town, somewhere he visits often, and for which he has an enduring love. James' lovely paintings give us a window on St Ives, a personal record of the scenes and characters that make it unique. He has exhibited in the United Kingdom and the USA. Terry died at his home in St IVes