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After a career in Graphic Design in 2002 she moved from London to St Ives, Cornwall, where she and her husband own a gallery. This connection with the sea has inspired her shell work, which is based on traditional sailors' art and is a modern interpretation of scrimshaw. Kim started to draw on Cornish scallop shells in 2013 and her maritime themed designs have proved enormously popular. Each shell is hand drawn and unique, with many customers commissioning personalised shells for weddings, christenings and anniversaries. These delightful gifts require great attention to detail and painstaking skill as Kim draws directly onto the shell surface (without any preparatory pencil sketch) using permanent ink and an old fashioned dip-pen. Each shell is unique and is framed behind glass in bespoke frames hand-made for her in Cornwall.  

Kim's framed limited edition prints are also line drawings, often using poetry and song lyrics as inspiration, or are intricate, lively, and above all, happy images of Cornish beach life. The prints are framed in locally made lime-effect wood frames.

Buying a Kim Lynch gift ensures you will have something genuinely unique, lovingly made and authentically Cornish!

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Hand drawn framed scallop shells


Framed limited edition prints