Ray Denton

Like many artists drawn to its coasts, Ray Denton derives an enduring joy from living and working in Cornwall. This attachment is evident in his paintings and is particularly apparent in his depictions of beach life, capturing perfectly the quintessential British seaside holiday. His paintings are never sentimental but are full of the affection and curiosity of an artist who is seeking to encapsulate the delight of a day at the seaside. His deft, uninhibited painting style perfectly suits the subject matter he portrays. In his paintings people are in holiday mood, freed from the self-consciousness and restraints of everyday life. Ray's confident brushstrokes reflect this freedom, allowing us, the viewer almost to feel the sand and sea at our toes. These beautiful, light-filled paintings masterfully capture those brief but perfect moments. Ray Denton was born in Lambeth, London. He studied at Leeds College of Art and worked in educational publishing before moving to Cornwall with his wife Anne in 1996.