Roy Davey

Roy was brought up in St Just in the late 1940's and from a young age loved drawing. For most of his life he worked as a builder but was forced to retire when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease  when he was 48 years old. His passion for painting has been his salvation in coping in a positive way with this chronic illness.Many people who suffer with a degenerative condition become lonely, isolated and depressed. Not so Roy. He is optimistic, enthusiastic and determined to use his art to help him communicate with people and to stay connected with the Cornwall he loves.

His paintings are immediate, fresh and unpretentious. Many depict places and scenes from his childhood captured from memory. Others are taken from sketches which he develops in the studio. He is a true naive artist in the tradition of Alfred Wallis, Simeon Stafford and Fred Yates. He deserves recognition however for his own distinct style, vision and unique talent.